Philips Air Purifier

Philips Air Purifier : Removes 99.97% air pollutants in just 6 minutes! Mr. Dependable depends on Philips Air purifier – Bring home the Philips Air purifier & take the first step to healthy breathing.

Samsung Clean Station

Samsung Jet75 and Clean Station™: A Hygiene Solution for Your Home The fantastic combination of Jet75 and CleanStation is powerful and hygienic from the beginning to the end of cleaning.

Samsung Pure air

Samsung Cube AX9500: Pure air. Whisper quiet. Designer fit. Cube AX9500 lets you breathe clean air in any space or conditions, with less noise and no direct wind. Wind-Free™ Purification gently and quietly dispels clean air. A multi-layered purification system … Continued

Samsung Air Conditioner

New Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner | Samsung The new Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner helps you stay comfortably cool without unpleasant direct wind – using 23,000 micro holes to gently spread cool air evenly throughout the room.