Coffee Roasters

Now we all have known third wave Coffee Roasters right?

They opened up their new outlet near karishma society, which is so astetic that you actually feel you are in a different city all together. This is more or less of a specialty coffee shop so naturally they got best of different coffee Estates featuring different coffee profiles which you can try out. Not just that they have various brewing methods like Pour Over, Siphon, French Press, cold brew etc.
They have specialty coffee :-
Karadykan estate
Baarbara estate
Bettadakhan estate
Monsoon Malabar AA
And few drip bags.
So feel free try out coffee made by miss jyoti. She’s very knowledgeable and efficient in the art of brewing.
She makes one hell of a Siphon and flavor notes are noticeable. I tried the siphon brew made by her and the knowledge she has about every coffee and brewing equipment is admirable.
Me being a कॉफी fannatic 😍 I think I’m gonna get addicted to their coffee and amazing hospitality.
Fyi – on your first sign in on their app you get 100rs off on first order 🙈.
So do try this place if you are into specialty coffee. They also have these few whole bean Coffee bags for sale starting Rs 360.
What I love the most about this place is there is ample sun light coming in so if you want to click insta worthy selfies this is the place for you.
Its clean, hygienic and amazing coffee

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